Rotation in Dia

Rotation is a common topic on all Dia support channels. This page tries to summarize information about different ways to rotate objects in Dia.

Text rotation in Dia

Dia's Outline tool allows to rotate text.

Rotation support in Dia 0.98

Dia 0.98 will include at least limited rotation support. You can testdrive the functionality using the Dia Development VM.

Rotation plugin for Dia

The rotation plugin allows to rotate some of Dia's objects around the point 0,0. As not all object types are currently supported, this plugin does not provide general rotation support in Dia and thus is most useful for shape creators.


The plugin is written in Python, so a Dia version with Python support is required. Windows users can follow the "How to use Dia with Python on Windows" instructions.


Start the rotation by selecting "Simple Rotation" from the Objects menu.

If rotation made your objects disappear, select View->Best Fit from the menu.


Like Dia, the plugin is available under the terms of the GPL v2.


Download and place it into the Dia installation directory or the .dia/python directory. Restart Dia in order to load the plugin.

Make sure that you don't mix "Simple Scaling" and "Simple Rotation".

Source code

The source code of the rotation plugin is managed in a git repository:
If you would like to improve the code, please send a pull request.

To do

  • Have a Dia release that includes the plugin
  • If there's a selection, just work on the selection
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