Organization chart plugin for Dia

The plugin allows to create organization charts from CSV (character separated files) files.


The plugin is written in Python, so a Dia version with Python support is required along with the Python csv module. Windows users can follow the "How to use Dia with Python on Windows" instructions.


Download and place it into the Dia installation directory or the .dia/python directory. Restart Dia in order to load the plugin.


Start Dia and select "File->Open" to open your CSV file. Select the "CSV Organization Chart" as the file type. The first column should contain the box content and the second column should contain a reference (name) to the parent box. If the second column is empty, there is no parent.Your file should use ";" to separate the columns. Many spreadsheet software packages like OpenOffice or Excel are able to create CSV files.


The example below can be downloaded in CSV format: orgchart_example.csv

Head of Development;CEO;
Developer X;Head of Development;
Developer Y;Head of Development;
Organization Chart Example


Like Dia, the plugin is available under the terms of the GPL v2.

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