Dia Developer Resources

This page is targeted at software developers.

If you only want to use Dia for Windows, you should simply download the setup program and install it.

Dia Development VM

The easiest way to get started with developing Dia is to use a prebuilt Virtual Machine (VM), that contains all necessary tools: Zipfile with Dia Developer VM (1.5 GB) The VM is built using Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin and uses the VMWare Workstation 8 format.

The free VMWare Player Software can be used to run the the VM.

On the Desktop you'll find a icon to pull the latest Dia sources from git master and compile them.

The VM can also be used to develop Python plug-ins for Dia.

Python plug-ins for Dia

The Python scripting language can be used to develop platform-independent plug-ins for Dia. Learn more.

Compiling Dia for Windows

A detailed description how to compile Dia for Windows:

Compiling Dia for Mac OS X

MacPorts can be used to compile Dia for Mac OS X. A readymade Portfile is available..


A simple C# application to turn sheets into HTML fragments: sheet2html.cs.

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