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Dia Shape Repository / Dia Living Systems Theory Shapes

Additional shapes that can be added to the Dia toolbox. Extract the files to your .dia folder and restart Dia.

This is a series of shapes based on Living Systems Theory by James Grier Miller.

It is a comprehensive set of subsystems that can document any living or nonliving system. Due to the property of "shred-out" each subsystem can then be analyzed in the same way, and utilize the same subsystems.

It is possible to document systems like web servers in LST, but the majority of this documentation will be as useful as the amount of detail included. Storing variables in each shape is the next intended feature.

The shapes are licensed under the terms of the GPL.

lst.zip - Living Systems Theory shapes by Ian Smith.

Shape list

The following shapes are included in the package:

Associator Subsystem
Channel Network Subsystem
Converter Subsystem
Supporter Subsystem
Decider Subsystem
Distributor Subsystem
Extruder Subsystem
Ingestor Subsystem
Internal Transducer Subsystem
Input Transducer Subsystem
Memory Subsystem
ME Storage Subsystem
Motor Subsystem
Output Transducer Subsystem
Producer Subsystem
Reproducer Subsystem
Encoder Subsystem

Dia Shape Repository / Dia Living Systems Theory Shapes

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